Well, the wetlands and the rivers are safe because of the rains

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May 8, 2014
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May 10, 2020

Well, the wetlands and the rivers are safe because of the rains

The Director General of Remote Sensing of the Iranian Space Agency, emphasizing that this year's rains, unlike last year, which turned into floods, were contained and collected in reservoirs behind dams, said: "These rains not only caused the water level of Lake Urmia to be in good condition." The country's wetlands, which were almost dry in the fall, should also be filled with water, which is due to the rains that we had all over the country..

In an interview with ISNA, referring to the latest record of Urmia Lake water intake, Engineer Mostafa Mansourpour, emphasizing that the water intake of this lake has the highest record in the last 10 years, added: Satellite images of this lake show that the lake water level is about 3 thousand It has reached 550 square kilometers, which can be said that this catchment has reached about 70% of the maximum water intake..

He said that this year, if the rains continue and the snow melts with the heat, this amount could reach 80%, noting: "Studies show that the lake has even increased water compared to the last 3 months.".

Mansourpour, comparing the water level of Lake Urmia this year compared to May 1997, said: This study shows that the water area has increased by about 50%. Meanwhile, the dams around this lake also had more than 90% water intake, and now that we are moving towards melting snow, it is likely that as the snow melts, runoffs that are moving towards the lake will increase the water level of Lake Urmia..

The Director General of Remote Sensing of the Space Agency, emphasizing that the volume of water in Lake Urmia will increase further in the next one or two months, continued: This situation shows that the hand of nature improves the current state of Lake Urmia.

Reach the initial state of the lake

In response to the question whether this lake has reached its initial state or not, he said: the highest amount of water level of this lake in recent years is related to the late 70's and now the condition of Lake Urmia is such that it is approaching It is equal to the water level of the 70's.

He stressed: "If we have these rains continuously next year, we can see the revival of this lake.".

Mansourpour, emphasizing that the lake currently has the highest amount of water in the last 10 years, continued: In addition, the water level of the lake has recorded a 10-year record..

Rainfall status in two wet years

Regarding the rainfall situation in recent years, the Director General of Remote Sensing of the Space Agency explained: The study of satellite images shows that from January to March of last year, most of the rainfall was in the northwest and southeast of the country, but from April this year, most rainfall We had in the southern parts of the country and these rains have caused the water intake of "Jazmourian" and "Hamoon" wetlands..

Mansourpour considered the creation of lakes in the central parts of the country in the "Zavareh" region and the water intake of wetlands in the desert areas of the country as other benefits of recent rains and reminded: In general, we can say that this year was a good year for the southern parts in terms of rainfall..

  • The researcher in the field of remote sensing, stating that the amount of rainfall in the north and northwest of the country has been similar to the wet season, continued: In addition, we have the monitoring of dams on the agenda and our studies show that most important dams in the country 80% of their capacity is dehydrated.

He added: "With the continuation of this trend, we hope we will not have water shortages in the summer of this year, but always saving and optimal use of water consumption must be observed.".


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