The difference between Noor satellite and previous satellites / Why is satellite launch important for our country?

Satellite monitoring of soil salinity around Lake Urmia
May 7, 2014

The difference between Noor satellite and previous satellites / Why is satellite launch important for our country?

This satellite has a much higher technology than previous models. It is located at a higher altitude and has a longer operating life.

According to the news agency خبرآنلاین, Kazem Kokram, a journalist from Alam, explained about the launch of Noor satellite that took place last week in the morning program of Channel 2 "At the end of Alvand" and said: "On Wednesday morning, it was reported that Noor satellite was in Earth orbit with a messenger launcher; This launch is significantly different from the launch of our previous satellites. The satellites that our country has placed in orbit so far, such as hope, observation and promise, are located in low orbits that are elliptical, and therefore the operational useful life of these satellites is short. That is, after 3 months, it falls into the atmosphere and its work is finished. We need higher level technology to be able to place the satellite at higher altitudes.

He continued: "In recent years, and especially last year, we tried several times to launch a satellite and put it in orbit; For example, our space specialists worked hard to launch Payam, Dosti, Zafar, and واره satellites, and a high percentage of the mission was successful, but the part about injecting satellites and orbits and reaching a remarkable speed to be in orbit around them. Did not give. But this time everything went well and the satellite was in orbit. This time from a three-stage launcher that uses both solid fuel and liquid fuel and has a higher level of technology.
The journalist said about the necessity of launching satellites into space: "Many people ask that we have so many economic problems in the country, why should we launch satellites?" The story is that we need to launch satellites to solve these economic problems. You have seen many times that suddenly the price of onions, tomatoes and… goes up and becomes rare. In order for the officials and managers of the country to get information about the area under cultivation of each crop, we need the information transmitted from these satellites. The farmer decides what to plant based on his economic background and gets advice from different people, but the fact is that at the macro level we do not have much information about what everyone has planted.
He emphasized: "Due to the special conditions of our country, we can not get this information from satellites of other countries; So we have to roll up our sleeves and get accurate information by launching a satellite into space. Of course, I have to say that the latest satellite that has been launched has military functions and is looking for military data. However, the knowledge gained from launching this satellite into space will help us to launch satellites that have functions in various fields, including agriculture and meteorology. It should be said that in the end, the economic benefits of these satellites will reach the people. We are not launching satellites now just to say we can do it, we are launching satellites because we need them. The images that our people now see on television are due to receiving signals from terrestrial bases, whereas if we could receive this information from satellite bases, it would be both better and cheaper.

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