Inmarst ship restrictions will be lifted soon

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June 7, 2020
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June 7, 2020

Inmarst ship restrictions will be lifted soon

The CEO of the Ports and Maritime Organization said: "We have made good progress in solving the problems that have arisen in the field of" Inmarst "services."

Mohammad Rastad, who spoke at the 40th meeting of the think tank of the Ports and Maritime Organization, stated that the unilateral US sanctions caused Inmarst to limit its services to Iran. At the IMO Council, which reiterated that members should not impose restrictions on other members under the IMO Convention, we made good progress in addressing the problems and limitations of Inmarst services. He expressed hope that Inmarst services for Iranian shipping and ports would return to normal soon.

Rastad also expressed the concern of the ITF Maritime Trust regarding the welfare and communication issues of seafarers due to the increase in unloading and loading speeds and the reduction of the duration of ships' presence in ports, and noted: In some ports of the world, facilities have been created to facilitate the communication of seafarers with their families, and we should also create these facilities in the text of ports.

  • In the end, he said that these facilities include audio and video communication devices such as laptops and webcams inside 40-foot containers next to container terminals, adding: "In the country's ports, this type of facilities will soon increase the level of welfare." Sailors will be created.

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