Recent floods have two different origins

Alleged production of 18 satellites by the end of this year by the Minister of Communications and the unresolved issue of parallelism
June 22, 2020

The climatic structure of the NAO does not change much during the months of the year and has a north-south dual structure. One of these cores is located on Greenland and the other with the opposite sign on the mid-latitudes of the North Atlantic between 35 and 40 degrees; Therefore, atmospheric behavior affects the entire planetary system. Therefore, when we want to comment on climate and atmospheric conditions, we must fully understand all the dimensions of the Earth system and analyze the interactions of different parts such as land, ocean and different layers of the atmosphere based on scientific principles and mathematical models in accordance with the laws of physics.

One of the most probable options that has been proposed in the country as the cause of recent extreme rainfall, which is unprecedented in the 100-year statistical period, is the change of jet streams; Rivers that flow at atmospheric heights and can be considered as a high-speed wind tunnel at high altitudes, which is usually seen at altitudes of about 11,000 meters above the ground and in recent years have shifted slightly in the middle latitudes, which is why Displacement is the melting of polar ice caps as a result of climate change.

The scientific possibility that the movement of jet streams affects limit phenomena (abnormal changes in precipitation) has been raised and studied in scientific centers for several years, and recently evidence has been obtained to confirm it.

In recent years, the impact of phenomena such as El Niوo, Enzo and Nao on rainfall change has been confirmed, and now the issue of jet stream relocation is the main cause of last month's heavy rainfall in the Middle East. Which phenomenon to consider as the cause of precipitation is based on scientific knowledge and mathematical equations, and it is not possible to comment on it simply and without considering scientific principles.

It is worth mentioning that this year's floods in the country are divided into two categories of natural and human origin; The source of the Shiraz flood is completely human and has not been the result of expert constructions. The Shiraz flood was not a natural flood; The amount of rain was not large enough to lead to such an accident, plus the flood occurred shortly after the rain ended. The Shiraz flood is only the result of the construction of a dam that has been built near the Quran Gate in recent years and prevents the transfer of water to the river.

The Aq Qala flood is also the product of unskilled constructions in the nature of Golestan. Karkheh and Karun floods are natural and have no human origin. Heavy rains caused a significant amount of water to flow from upstream, which according to the forecasts and timely warnings of the Meteorological Organization, the Ministry of Energy responded in a timely manner and was able to manage the water by opening the dams and preventing a human catastrophe. It was in Khuzestan.

In response to the rumors that the manipulation of other countries in the Iranian climate is the cause of the recent floods, I must say that the reason for such rumors is ignorance of scientific principles and trying to find a simple answer; Rumors that are not as probable and have no effect other than diverting public opinion from the truth.

Based on my experience, these two proposals are presented in order to fulfill the Supreme Leader's orders in preventing similar dangers and reducing the amount of damages as much as possible;

1- Establishment of National Atmospheric and Climate Hazard Warning Center equipped with the most advanced supercomputers and paired warning systems for various hazards.
2- Establishment of the National Center for Atmospheric, Climate and Earth Heating Science and Technology, equipped with the most advanced equipment for monitoring and measuring all layers of the Earth's atmosphere.


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