Insight Remote Sensing Knowledge-Based Institute

More than 20 years of activity in the space basin

Basir Remote Sensing Institute is the first and only Iranian private company member of the International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS), which has been operating since 1999 with the aim of developing modern sciences in areas such as remote sensing, spatial information systems, environment and geophysics (earthquake). Earthquake science and engineering and groundwater exploration), technical knowledge transfer and scientific consulting have begun. The institute is trying to employ a group of young and motivated professionals for research in the field of remote sensing and industrial diagnostics, transfer of new technologies and transfer of technical knowledge and holding specialized courses and workshops, a knowledgeable partner for industry owners and managers. Be your researchers, researchers and clients.


A brief history of the activity

◉ Provision, processing, analysis and interpretation of aerial and satellite images for governmental and non-governmental organizations
◉ Product production and added value from aerial and satellite data
◉ Preparation, production and updating of thematic and practical maps
◉ Preparation of photo pump in Tehran
ایش Monitoring the environment and natural resources
کشف Monitoring fire detection in the country's forests and pastures using satellite images
◉ Investigating the trend of changes in the country's lakes and reservoirs
◉ Study of drought trends
◉ Surveying (ground-UAV)
◉ Study, design, implementation and support of spatial information systems (GIS)
تصمیم Resident helper selection system
◉ Examine the current situation and identify the trend of change using aerial and satellite images

Since the establishment of Basir in the field of remote sensing, spatial and geometric information systems by designing development-oriented and aggressive strategies, we have been able to travel long distances in a short time and by creating a portfolio of quality and comprehensive solutions, products and services as well as a dynamic team. Sustainable and empathetic, a bright future for the customers of this important valley. 21st Century and the Accelerated Software Industry, and to be a leading organization in the technology-driven industry and software-based software, by providing the platform for creativity and powerful knowledge management.

Insight Remote Sensing Institute


+20 years of work experience

We have been active in the field of remote sensing and satellite imagery since 1999.

+800 thousand km2 image processing

We have always been by the side of our customers by processing satellite images based on the technical knowledge of our experts.

+500 completed projects

The good faith of our customers and our age have made us always the first choice of employers.

3 knowledge-based software

Among our honors is obtaining the title of basic knowledge for the three software products of the institute, relying on local technical knowledge.

In the eyes of others


In the unveiling ceremony of the products of Basir Institute: The programs of the Knowledge-Based Institute should be increased and with the provided conditions, the capacity of knowledge-based institutions can be used. Other devices and institutions should use the software created by Basir Institute for better service.

Dr. Manouchehr Manteghi
Head of the National Space Center of Iran


Visiting Basir Institute: We are looking to provide a platform for the presence of capable companies in the field of remote sensing to provide services using the capacities that we provide to them in this field in the fields of agriculture, urban services, meteorology, environment And crisis management is identified and prioritized based on the needs of the country.

Dr. Morteza Barari
Head of the Iranian Space Agency
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