knowledged based softwares

knowledged based softwares





Cetia is a domestic software developed by the technical department of Basir Remote Sensing Institute with the aim of store, manage and display of big spatial data, including raster and vector data. It is visually similar to Google earth but has some advantages over this software. Cetia comprises of a main core named viewer and two modules named tile manager and user management. Administrators can have control over the users by the user management module and manage their access to different parts of the system. Tile manager also has been developed to process satellite images and make them ready to display in the viewer. Raster and vector data are stored into and loaded from separate databases. Besides using databases, data can be uploaded directly by drag and drop operation. Cetia can work either online or offline. In online mode, it connects to online data services like Google and Bing and the data of visited areas could be saved automatically to use offline at the next time. In the offline mode, in addition to use cached data, users can upload their own spatial data. Cetia also has some other capabilities such as drawing point, line and polygon, ability to measure the length and area of the features, connecting the handheld GPS to track the mobile object real-time and the ability to fly over a specified line with desired speed and height. Finally one of the most important features of the software is the ability to display temporal raster data, which enables us to have multiple images for a specific region at different times.



Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard.
One of the most important application of UAVs is in geomatics and surveying. UAV Geomatics provides innovative mapping and inspection services.
In Basir, it's about a year we've entered in UAV technology. Our most activities in this field are in developing of processing software. In this case, we’ve started to programming a native software that it’s main mission is producing of Orthomosaic image and digital elevation model using the photos that captured from flying drone; like Agisoft, Pix4d or Bentley softwares.