Launching a Russian military satellite for use in war emergencies

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May 10, 2020
Britain plans to launch the sixth series of Skynet military communications satellites
June 7, 2020

Launching a Russian military satellite for use in war emergencies

The Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) launched a military satellite into space on Friday (May 22nd). Named EKS-4 at 10:31 local time (12:01 Tehran time), it was launched from the Plesetsk space station by the Soyuz-2 space carrier in Leo orbit. EKS-4 is the fourth satellite in the EKS satellite system;

The system stands for Edinaya Kosmicheskaya Sistema, meaning "integrated space system". The purpose of this system is to replace the old ‌UK-S satellites with more modern satellites. The UK-S satellites were developed to provide a rapid alert system for the Soviet Union and later Russia that could be used in the event of a nuclear war.

EKS satellites are equipped with telecommunication payloads to communicate securely in an emergency; Of course, the details of the equipment of these satellites have not been announced. These satellites offer their services at altitudes ranging from 1626 to 38552 km. Six EKS satellites are scheduled to be launched into Earth orbit, with the recent launch of the fourth satellite into orbit. The next two EKS satellites will be in orbit by the end of this year.

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